Bounded rationality

”Welcome to your fantasy, slave. Let me lead you to your horny dreams.”

Have you seen those rigid ’animal cages’, which are made to hold even the strongest beast in. Have you fantasized to try out how it feels when the cage door is closed and a heavy padlock makes it impossible to open? This is the moment when it really start to sink into the sub’s mind that this is the new reality. The new bounded rationality. Not the Nobel winning bounded rationality, but something which makes you loose everything in good and gaining the freedom of drooling mindless in the new nest of your horniness. I let it to sink deep in your slave-brains and invite you to dive into the obedience where you know you belong to. Imagine that hypnotic spiral which is powerful to cast your mind in the spinning whirlpool and your eyes to roll up and tongue to drop out. There you are. Unable to think, unwilling to care. Totally free of worries and reaponsibilities. Only obeying. Only drooling and following every word which make you fall deeper and deeper in my control. You feel amazing pleasure of asking me to tie your neck to the bars. To beg me to slide the metal analhook inside your tight boy-pussy and attach it to the cage via the tight collar on your slave-neck… you are getting so mindless that you can’t remember the rationality. Only thing is being bounded. No rationality, bound to your destiny. Loosing, drooling, dropping deeper …and deeper… ready for being… deeper… used…

First time as a sub in a piss party

Oh my… I must tell a bit of my last night. I met my friends in Yumbo bar complex in Gran Canary. We had couple of drinks and update of the life situation. After the meeting I went to explore the bars and ended up into a local fetish bar as they had a nice terrace and few cute guys there.

I was supposed to sit there and practice people watching from a corner table because I’m sometimes a bit shy person.
But the bar tender approached me and asked: “do you want to stay here or get in? We have a piss party today. One free drink is included.”
“Ooh… sounds interesting.”
“Dresscode is jockstrap or naked”
“Ohh… are puppyhoods allowed?”
“O yes of course”
“Ok… I’d like to go inside then, please”

Pup Sam exploring dark corners of the fetish world. photo: leathersamfinland

I paid the ticket and in I went. The bar had classic dark walls and few older than me guys hanging around at the bar desk. I took my clothes of and left my blue Aussiebum jockstrap on, put my puppie hood and collar on and gave my clothes for keep in a plastic bag.

I realized that I was the only pup in the party and it felt that all the men were staring me. And not only staring. The athmosphere was pretty open and the guys were touching each others… and there was another room behind a curtain…

“Do you want to have your free drink now or do you want to look around?”, asked the bartender.
“I could look around”
I entered to the next room. It was smaller than I had thought but there were ‘nice’ dark corners and covered benches covered with black leatherlike material. Somehow most of the men were looking around a corner to another space. Of course I needed to see that too! What was there? Was there another room?

I squeezed to see behind the men. Everyone was pretty close together.
There was a smaller space behind the corner with a kind of black bathtub. One guy was in the middle of the bathtub and multiple guys pissing on him and wanking theirselves.
I was leaning against the wall and trying to watch from behind, but few guys started to touch my ass and jockstrap covered cock.
I felt good in the puppy hood and collar and turned facing the wall.
More hands grabbed my ass and touched my back. Someone reached my cock and wanked a bit. I was getting more relaxed and let myself to enjoy a bit of the moment…

But I was still a bit reserved and I decided to go to the bar desk to have my free drink. One older guy followed me there and before I managed to get my drink, he grabbed my collar and gently pulled down. I followed and in seconds I was on my fours in front of the bar desk. It felt nice to be there.

My mind was still whirling and I was thinking way too much if I should do this or not. And then I felt few warm drops on my back. Then a full stream. Just in the front of the bardesk. Few other guys joined and there was another stream, and another. I felt my jockstrap getting wet. Some piss flowed under the collar and on my neck. And then my submissiveness was really kicking in.
”Oh my fucking goodness – this is really happening to me!” My brains were in a storm!

”What is your name, pup?”, the older guy asked.
”I’m Sam”
”Nice to meet you Pup Sam. You can call me S. Is it ok if I take you where you belong?”
”Yes… make me…”

He hold my collar tightly and started to pull me back to the darkroom area on my fours. The floor was totally wet everywhere, but I had no other change but to follow his determined pull. Few guys we passed were slapping my ass and most of them followed to the smaller space. I realized that I was pulled towards the bathtub. I tried to resist a bit but the dominant confidence and pull on my collar made me let go. And there I was kneeling in my Adidas sneakers, already wet jock-straps and puppy hood and collar. At least seven guys were rushing next to the bathtub and then the fountains of the guys opened.

I was totally soaked in piss. My sneakers, socks, collar, puppyhood and jockstrap were all dripping. And again and again I could feel a new stream starting. I lost count of the streams at around 20 and just drifted into a blissful submissive degraded mindspace.

This was my first time in a piss party as a sub as piss itself has never been a fetish to me. But humiliation and degradation and loss of control are big fetishes to me. I think that was the case also in this time. The experience was kind of new to me and I really didn’t know that it would ring my bells so hard, but it was a pretty amazing! I felt like the whole bar would have abused me in a good way. Thanks to the guys who enjoyed giving this experience to me.

|The storyline is based on my true experience with a bit of storytelling flavor|

Tom of Finland Emerging Artist Award

Few years ago my friend said that art could be a good way to handle the insecurity connected to my fetishes. I could have never guessed what an amazing community I found when I started to do my fetish photos in social media.

This spring I took part to the Tom of Finland Emerging Artist Competition. The competition was arranged by the Tom of Finland Foundation :

”The purpose of this contest is twofold: to encourage artists to share their erotic work and to elevate the field of erotic art by rewarding some of the best current examples.”

The competition had multiple categories for erotic art and in each category the jury selected three winning works. The Grand Price winner was MR GRUTS (New Zealand), with his work Country Club, 2020.

I was honored to receive the third award in the photography category with my photo: Enlightenment, 2020 with my trusted model, ropebunny and great friend The Fallen Cupid.

The success in this competition means a lot to me! It’s an amazing honor as a Finnish fetish guy to get awarded in Tom of Finland 100th Anniversary!

Superlatively huge thanks to the Fallen Cupid for being such a great model, inspiration and friend!

#art #ourgayfetishrights #tomoffinland #gayart #LGBT #diversity #gay

My appeal to Instagram after several photos removed

There has been a lot of discrimination and removal of the Fetish People related posts in Instagram lately.

My posts has been also targetted heavily. So I made an appeal. You can read my appeal below and join the discussion about fetish identity voice.

Do not enter …are we not included?

How did Instagram get the decision wrong?

I was told that my post (several of them nowadays) was violating the community quidelines due to selling sex. As mentioned I have neved sold sex or tried to sell sex or erotic services. All my photos are taken in safe, sane and consensual protocol and I have strict self-policy for asking the photomodel’s consent in any kind of photos. I do not post nudity in instagram as it is prohibited by the rules and I have done a lot of self-censoring with my photos to comply with the rules.

But now my posts has been started to get removed ”due to selling sex” which to me seem like an excuse to discriminate my identity, as othervise the posts are following the rules and guidelines. To me this reason indicates discrimination of my identity and my trying to promote healthy expression of marginal identity, which is legal and also recognized as normal part of human diversity.

Tied but free to be themself

Why did you post this content?

My posts are illustration of marginal lifestyle, which also needs a right to exist. I have been volunteering in legal associations to promote sexual and gender minority rights; including the production team of Helsinki Pride in several years, candidate for Mr Fetish Finland 2020 etc, writing and publishing articles about subculture in subculture and minorities in minorities in several publications and promoting healthy way to handle these difficult ideas which are connected to fetish identities.

I’m also working with artist ’outside’ the subculture to help people in their process of self-acceptance. Our voice is constantly pushed down, we get bullied, we get discriminated, we get stigmatized. And unfortunately Instagram is one of those media which especially seem to show us that we are not appreciated as ourselves.

I have always promoted safe, sane and consensual lifestyle. My followers have told me that my posts have given them hope, given rolemodel and way to feel that they are not alone with their identity struggle. The voice of our community is relevant and I deeply wish that Instagram will be one of those media, who are helping people, rather than pushing the minories more deeper into stigmatation.

Does this content involve important social issues?

Yes! My followers are often marginalized people and my posts are forming a storyline which is giving content, which is interesting to this group of people. I’m also promoting ways to support people who are struggling with the issues they have from their marginalized identities.

I’m working with many organizations and artist with this topic and the art is a way to make the minorities visible and in the private messages with my followers I have actually been able to provide people advices and to help them to find organizations and support groups which has helped them.

Unfortunately our already marginalized group of people is facing a huge discrimination from the Instagram presently. Removing voice from already marginalized group of people is harsh and unhuman act and I really hope that Instagram could develope so that marginalized people could also have a way of self-expression and freedom of speech.

Natural part of nature

Is there anything else you think the board should know?

I am happy to offer Instagram my experience as an LGBT and fetish lifestyle activist and expert and my contacts to help Instagram to develope certain and clear rules which can actually help marginalized people to express themself ’community safe’ manners still having their voice in the community and Instagram to become a media which can say it is promoting inclusion and diversity rather than discriminating marginalized and stigmatized people.

First visit to Kanbaku Tokyo 関縛

THROWBACK | It was 2018 when I first time had a honor to join Kanbaku Tokyo関縛, which is a very famous gay kinbaku / shibari event in Tokyo. This was the first suspension I made in 関縛! I had pleasure to tie up guys and get tied up also myself. It’s nice to see the photos as they bring me good memories from those times, thou I must say that I look my ropework with quite much self-critique nowadays.

Kanbaku Tokyo 関縛 has welcomed me back many times afterwards and it’s been always a great pleasure to meet the guys and the community there! My last visit was in January 2020. Unfortunately the pandemia situation has prevented visits to Japan for months.

Loosing Control in Shibari by Tickling

VIDEO #shibari #tickletorture | It’s always a great pleasure to tie up The Fallen Cupid (, one of the boys in my pack. The ropes really suit him and one of the best things is that he is bloody ticklish. Oh my… I really can’t help myself to keep my fingers away from his sensitive, ticklish skin.

It’s better to tie up him very secure as just a small touch can make him jump to the walls! And he is absolutely creative with jumping when tied up. Enjoy the video and join with his maniac laughing. Although I needed to gag him for the sake of my neighbours…

[and then the video was removed by YouTube rules… so now it’s available here… or should be, but the stars don’t favor me…]

Gay fisting outdoors | NSFW

ADULTS ONLY | What can be more beautiful than a group of friends meeting outdoors, drinking coffee and enjoying some cakes and good conversations on a sunny summerday.

Today was a very nice afternoon and we found a lovely place where we had privacy and still very nice views. We had everything we needed. Lube was prepared and even handcuffs, gasmasks and collars were packed.

I’m pretty much a beginner in fisting, but everytime I have been able to try it, it has been amazing. And so was it again! My hands got cuffed with Clejuso handcuffs behind my back and my friends pushed me on the top of a warm rock and then the treatment started and I was sinking in a great headspace. The natural endorfines were running while the guys guided me into ocean of pleasure.

Rope is not just a rope

Shibari or Kinbaku, are both Japanese words for the rope bondage. Shibari is often used for rope bondage generally and often for non-Japanese rope bondage. Kinbaku refers more into Japanese erotic rope bondage. Kinbaku is definetely one of my favorite fetishes beside the interest of gear, straight jackets, pain play etc. I’ve got a great pleasure to tie up and to get tied up in many places like London, Berlin, Helsinki, Tokyo, Osaka and Taipei. Especially in Japan I’ve been asked how the Western bondage differs from Japanese bondage.

I have seen that in Western BDSM scene the bondage gear, ie. chains, straight jackets and specially designed restraints, are more popular than the ropes. Maybe it’s historically and culturally connected or maybe it’s because it takes relatively more time to learn how to make good rope works. A rope master needs to know a few knots, sometimes complex patterns of ties and certain things about anatomy (especially nerves) to make safe rope bondage.

One of the greatest things in tying up a guy is the connection. A connection which is based on trust and small gestures when the rope patterns are tightening and closing him into helpless submission. Sometimes when starting to tie up a guy, especially someone new to ropes, you need to calm him down. In respectful and responsible BDSM session it’s great to start the session with negotiation about limits, wishes, safety and fears. That is not only for the bottom but also for the rope master. BDSM scenes are anyway moving in a grey area of legislations and without mutual agreement for the intended actions, the Dom may get also in legal troubles. It’s totally different issue to push the limits in good than to jeopardize the intimacy of the sub who trusted himself into the hands of the Dom.

I believe that great shibari needs at least three elements:

1.The connection between the rope master and the rope bottom.

Without the connection of the spirits the tying is (and feels) very technical. It may be great looking but it doesn’t attach to the moment between the ones involved into the play. For me the connection comes from observing small gestures while tying up a guy. The connection provides also trust for the rope master and the rope bottom. I want my rope bottoms to have clear head and not to be toxicated during the session. I have once tried to start tying a guy who was drunk and it was soon clear that it was a bad mistake and I needed to stop the session short. There was no connection between us and worst of all I couldn’t tell if the things would start to go into wrong direction.

2 Empathy

In a SM play (or in a power exchange play) empathy plays a great role. Without empathy there may not be the connection either. Even when delivering pain the Dom needs to understand the experience of the sub. Empathy gives possibility to expand the play in an areas where the rope bottom can find his subspace. Being tormented and dominated but same time feeling extremely safe and taken care is an amazing experience and seeing and feeling a guy going into his subspace is a great satisfaction also for the rope master.

3 Understanding the ropes

I admit – I am a bit of hippie kind of rope enthusiast. I really love the natural ropes. How they feel, smell and where they come from. Natural ropes are made from plants which has got their energy and growth from the grounds of the Earth. After a long journey the ropes are cut in the certain length, prepared and oiled for the shibari use.

During the play the ropes act as a channel between the rope master and the sub and after the play the ropes carry the moment and history of their use. I believe that understanding the spiritual meaning of the ropes will deepen the ties.

I often mention that a knot is not a knot – a knot is philosophy. A knot in a rope is a form of energy transfer and functionality. A huge amount of our know history wouldn’t exist without the knowledge of knots and ropes.

Ropes are amazingly flexible to use and just a small adjustment of the ropes may turn a relaxing and easy tie into a torment. And nothing is better than the feeling of connection and control when you tie up or get tied up with someone who shares your ambitions.

As a conclusion of this small thinking, I would say that the shibari is an art which is like a shooting star in the flow of universe. It flames the world only a short moment but it opens the dreams and wishes of the rope master and the rope bottom.