My appeal to Instagram after several photos removed

There has been a lot of discrimination and removal of the Fetish People related posts in Instagram lately.

My posts has been also targetted heavily. So I made an appeal. You can read my appeal below and join the discussion about fetish identity voice.

Do not enter …are we not included?

How did Instagram get the decision wrong?

I was told that my post (several of them nowadays) was violating the community quidelines due to selling sex. As mentioned I have neved sold sex or tried to sell sex or erotic services. All my photos are taken in safe, sane and consensual protocol and I have strict self-policy for asking the photomodel’s consent in any kind of photos. I do not post nudity in instagram as it is prohibited by the rules and I have done a lot of self-censoring with my photos to comply with the rules.

But now my posts has been started to get removed ”due to selling sex” which to me seem like an excuse to discriminate my identity, as othervise the posts are following the rules and guidelines. To me this reason indicates discrimination of my identity and my trying to promote healthy expression of marginal identity, which is legal and also recognized as normal part of human diversity.

Tied but free to be themself

Why did you post this content?

My posts are illustration of marginal lifestyle, which also needs a right to exist. I have been volunteering in legal associations to promote sexual and gender minority rights; including the production team of Helsinki Pride in several years, candidate for Mr Fetish Finland 2020 etc, writing and publishing articles about subculture in subculture and minorities in minorities in several publications and promoting healthy way to handle these difficult ideas which are connected to fetish identities.

I’m also working with artist ’outside’ the subculture to help people in their process of self-acceptance. Our voice is constantly pushed down, we get bullied, we get discriminated, we get stigmatized. And unfortunately Instagram is one of those media which especially seem to show us that we are not appreciated as ourselves.

I have always promoted safe, sane and consensual lifestyle. My followers have told me that my posts have given them hope, given rolemodel and way to feel that they are not alone with their identity struggle. The voice of our community is relevant and I deeply wish that Instagram will be one of those media, who are helping people, rather than pushing the minories more deeper into stigmatation.

Does this content involve important social issues?

Yes! My followers are often marginalized people and my posts are forming a storyline which is giving content, which is interesting to this group of people. I’m also promoting ways to support people who are struggling with the issues they have from their marginalized identities.

I’m working with many organizations and artist with this topic and the art is a way to make the minorities visible and in the private messages with my followers I have actually been able to provide people advices and to help them to find organizations and support groups which has helped them.

Unfortunately our already marginalized group of people is facing a huge discrimination from the Instagram presently. Removing voice from already marginalized group of people is harsh and unhuman act and I really hope that Instagram could develope so that marginalized people could also have a way of self-expression and freedom of speech.

Natural part of nature

Is there anything else you think the board should know?

I am happy to offer Instagram my experience as an LGBT and fetish lifestyle activist and expert and my contacts to help Instagram to develope certain and clear rules which can actually help marginalized people to express themself ’community safe’ manners still having their voice in the community and Instagram to become a media which can say it is promoting inclusion and diversity rather than discriminating marginalized and stigmatized people.

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