First time as a sub in a piss party

Oh my… I must tell a bit of my last night. I met my friends in Yumbo bar complex in Gran Canary. We had couple of drinks and update of the life situation. After the meeting I went to explore the bars and ended up into a local fetish bar as they had a nice terrace and few cute guys there.

I was supposed to sit there and practice people watching from a corner table because I’m sometimes a bit shy person.
But the bar tender approached me and asked: “do you want to stay here or get in? We have a piss party today. One free drink is included.”
“Ooh… sounds interesting.”
“Dresscode is jockstrap or naked”
“Ohh… are puppyhoods allowed?”
“O yes of course”
“Ok… I’d like to go inside then, please”

Pup Sam exploring dark corners of the fetish world. photo: leathersamfinland

I paid the ticket and in I went. The bar had classic dark walls and few older than me guys hanging around at the bar desk. I took my clothes of and left my blue Aussiebum jockstrap on, put my puppie hood and collar on and gave my clothes for keep in a plastic bag.

I realized that I was the only pup in the party and it felt that all the men were staring me. And not only staring. The athmosphere was pretty open and the guys were touching each others… and there was another room behind a curtain…

“Do you want to have your free drink now or do you want to look around?”, asked the bartender.
“I could look around”
I entered to the next room. It was smaller than I had thought but there were ‘nice’ dark corners and covered benches covered with black leatherlike material. Somehow most of the men were looking around a corner to another space. Of course I needed to see that too! What was there? Was there another room?

I squeezed to see behind the men. Everyone was pretty close together.
There was a smaller space behind the corner with a kind of black bathtub. One guy was in the middle of the bathtub and multiple guys pissing on him and wanking theirselves.
I was leaning against the wall and trying to watch from behind, but few guys started to touch my ass and jockstrap covered cock.
I felt good in the puppy hood and collar and turned facing the wall.
More hands grabbed my ass and touched my back. Someone reached my cock and wanked a bit. I was getting more relaxed and let myself to enjoy a bit of the moment…

But I was still a bit reserved and I decided to go to the bar desk to have my free drink. One older guy followed me there and before I managed to get my drink, he grabbed my collar and gently pulled down. I followed and in seconds I was on my fours in front of the bar desk. It felt nice to be there.

My mind was still whirling and I was thinking way too much if I should do this or not. And then I felt few warm drops on my back. Then a full stream. Just in the front of the bardesk. Few other guys joined and there was another stream, and another. I felt my jockstrap getting wet. Some piss flowed under the collar and on my neck. And then my submissiveness was really kicking in.
”Oh my fucking goodness – this is really happening to me!” My brains were in a storm!

”What is your name, pup?”, the older guy asked.
”I’m Sam”
”Nice to meet you Pup Sam. You can call me S. Is it ok if I take you where you belong?”
”Yes… make me…”

He hold my collar tightly and started to pull me back to the darkroom area on my fours. The floor was totally wet everywhere, but I had no other change but to follow his determined pull. Few guys we passed were slapping my ass and most of them followed to the smaller space. I realized that I was pulled towards the bathtub. I tried to resist a bit but the dominant confidence and pull on my collar made me let go. And there I was kneeling in my Adidas sneakers, already wet jock-straps and puppy hood and collar. At least seven guys were rushing next to the bathtub and then the fountains of the guys opened.

I was totally soaked in piss. My sneakers, socks, collar, puppyhood and jockstrap were all dripping. And again and again I could feel a new stream starting. I lost count of the streams at around 20 and just drifted into a blissful submissive degraded mindspace.

This was my first time in a piss party as a sub as piss itself has never been a fetish to me. But humiliation and degradation and loss of control are big fetishes to me. I think that was the case also in this time. The experience was kind of new to me and I really didn’t know that it would ring my bells so hard, but it was a pretty amazing! I felt like the whole bar would have abused me in a good way. Thanks to the guys who enjoyed giving this experience to me.

|The storyline is based on my true experience with a bit of storytelling flavor|

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