Bounded rationality

”Welcome to your fantasy, slave. Let me lead you to your horny dreams.”

Have you seen those rigid ’animal cages’, which are made to hold even the strongest beast in. Have you fantasized to try out how it feels when the cage door is closed and a heavy padlock makes it impossible to open? This is the moment when it really start to sink into the sub’s mind that this is the new reality. The new bounded rationality. Not the Nobel winning bounded rationality, but something which makes you loose everything in good and gaining the freedom of drooling mindless in the new nest of your horniness. I let it to sink deep in your slave-brains and invite you to dive into the obedience where you know you belong to. Imagine that hypnotic spiral which is powerful to cast your mind in the spinning whirlpool and your eyes to roll up and tongue to drop out. There you are. Unable to think, unwilling to care. Totally free of worries and reaponsibilities. Only obeying. Only drooling and following every word which make you fall deeper and deeper in my control. You feel amazing pleasure of asking me to tie your neck to the bars. To beg me to slide the metal analhook inside your tight boy-pussy and attach it to the cage via the tight collar on your slave-neck… you are getting so mindless that you can’t remember the rationality. Only thing is being bounded. No rationality, bound to your destiny. Loosing, drooling, dropping deeper …and deeper… ready for being… deeper… used…

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